COVID-19 Updates

2020 SEASON UPDATE – JUNE 10, 2020 

Happy June Everyone,

It has been wonderful to welcome you to enjoy the outdoors again at Lake Moc-A-Tek Campground!

Please continue to share your pictures to our Facebook Page, or e-mail them to us so we can post them.  They are especially uplifting when just a short time ago we didn’t even know if we’d be allowed to open this season at all!!! Your support & positive attitudes have been great. Thank you.

On Friday, May 1st (5/1) when we were allowed to open in the PA Red Phase, we implemented Social Distancing Rules & Policies for everyone’s health & safety due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These are based upon specific CDC and State of Pennsylvania (PA) rules. These rules continue to be in force, with a few notable updates outlined below. By your continued presence, it is understood that you & everyone in your party will continue to abide by them.

Our area, Wayne County, PA, is going into the Green Phase this coming Friday, June 12th (6/12).

We want to address your questions about what that means, particularly for those who are not familiar with Pennsylvania’s Phases of Re-Opening.

The PA Green Phase does not mean that life is back to what it was before the Covid-19 pandemic started. Social-distancing guidelines are still in place. Please understand that we are doing our best in all matters under extremely challenging circumstances.

Under this Green Phase we will be easing a few restrictions:

Bath House:

On behalf of our current campers (who are all Seasonals at this point), as of Friday, 6/12, we will open one Bath House during the day, and close it at night.  Hours will be posted on the doors. Please be respectful of how much time you spend in the showers, as many others will need to use them too.  We will need time to enter frequently between uses for cleaning & disinfecting.

Visitors of Seasonal Campers:

Visitors are now allowed BUT MUST FOLLOW ALL the Social Distancing Rules & Policies, and our Regular Rules & Policies. It is your responsibility to make sure that your visitors are aware and adhere to them.

Seasonal Site Availability:

At this time, we are limiting our Campsite Rentals to Seasonal Reservations only. If you have a friend or family member interested in seasonal camping, now is the time! Camping is a great way to get outdoors. Thank you to those of you who have recently encouraged your friends to take a seasonal site with us.

Short-Term Reservations – [Short-Stay RVs (Transient), Tents, Cabins Rentals]:

We are continuously reviewing when to accept future Short-Term Reservations.  We will post an update if & when we begin to take these reservations again. We will post our decision on our Website and our Facebook Page.


Still being run remotely. Call the Office at (570) 226-3433 with questions or see our on-site manager, Jim Otto, cellphone number: (570) 239-3059.

Weekly Activities/Game Room/Pool:

All Organized Activities which involve having contact and congregating with others (which typically start in May), are still canceled/postponed until further notice.

After all we’ve been through, sometimes it’s just nice to sit on a deck, read a book, make s’mores over a campfire, ride a bike, take a walk or catch a fish.  Like you, we are anxiously awaiting the time that our campground operations can return to normal as they were before the Coronavirus began.


Essential repairs and maintenance will be underway for the pool as usual. We know that the pool has always been important to campers. We’re sorry; we do not know whether the pool will be open this year due to the challenges of social-distancing, disinfecting, and staffing. It depends on how the situation progresses. All local municipal pools are closed for the season. We don’t normally share these details with you because you are here to have as care-free a time as possible. These are not normal times. But honesty is always the best policy. Updates will be posted.

Call or e-mail us directly with any questions & to give input. Or you can talk to Jim Otto, our on-site campground manager.


Thank you so much!


Lake Moc-A-Tek Campground